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Who We Are

Hanksville Tours and Motor Sports Rentals was established in May 2017.
Our family settled in Hanksville, UT in 1876 on a little ranch at the base of the Henry Mountains along the Granite wash called Granite Ranch. The family grew to love, appreciate and have a great knowledge of the areas geology and its formations. most grew up to be Rock Hounds, Gold and Uranium Miners. We probably didn’t retain everything they tried to teach us, however the things we did learn we would love to share. There is amazing history everywhere you turn here. There is so much to see and do beyond the highway. It would be our pleasure to take you on an adventure and educate you on the history of the land. Let us show you the great outdoors and introduce you to an exhilarating yet rustic lifestyle.

Our Mission

We aim to provide adventures for everyone, especially those who don’t go out often. With our extensive knowledge of the area and its history, we can easily show thrill-seekers different ways of appreciating the sights.

Gaze at the mystical allure of Lake Powell. Challenge yourself by exploring rough terrains, such as mountains and canyon rims. When you’re with us, there is never a dull moment.

Our Values

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