Robbers Roost Tour

Tour takes in Robbers Roost Flats, Roost Springs, Cottrell House Chimeney,Silvertip Springs(outlaws last shoot out location). See the ancient buffalo Trails carved in the sandstone. Biddlecomb/Ekker Headquarters at Crow Seeps, Grainery Springs.

One Person Tour $385.00.

$25.00 per additional person.

Call For Custom Tour

A basic lunch can be furnished for an additional $15.00.

Poison Springs Tour

6-8 Hr

Take the beautiful Poison springs canyon to the Dirty Devil River. See Native American Petraglyphs, Cowboy Initials and Brands in the Sand Stone(dating back to 1800's) and Some Spanish Writings in the Red ledges along this Old Timer's Main Route of Travel to the Henry Mountains.

Petrified Forest Tour

2 Hr

Take a ride with us across the desert to a small petrified forest! Its a fun, safe ride and a beautiful place to watch our amazing desert sunsets.

$35.00 Per Person

Red Hills Tour

1 Hr 

 If you are seeking an exhilerating outdoor adventure, yet you're short on time. You're in luck  We can take you on a breathe taking ride that is sure to be the most talked about of the vacation. Come with us on our most popular tour through the red sand hills overlooking Hanksville.

$35.00 Per Person

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Guided Tours From Hanksville

ATV/UTV or Vehicle Tours

Adventure, History, Scenery, Packaged or Custom tours. 

  There is amazing history and Absolutely breathtaking country with guides to show you more than you can

imagine.We want you to have the best experience ever touring the area.

  Vehicle Tours:
UTV/ATV Tours: 

The vehicle tours will consist of approximatly 12 hours.  Our Tour Specialists Bob and Bertha, will give you an amazing tour of actually whatever you would like to see in this area.  Everyone should get to take a ride in the Desert with Bob and Bertha!  They have such a great knowledge of the area and its amazing history.  They would love for you to spend the day with them in this Absolutely breathtaking country. You are sure to  have the best experience ever touring with Hanksville Tours.

Angle Point Trail Tour

2 Hr

Enjoy the beauty of the landscape as you cross the desert to the Dirty Devil River. Overlook the Sand Stone Trail that the outlaws used to evade the Posse while on the run to their hide out on the Robbers Roost.

$55.00 Per Person

Canyon Rim 

6 Hr

Takes in the Angel Point and then along the canyon rim all the way to Burr Point which overlooks Bert's Mesa, Happy Canyon and Poison Springs. Returning along the foothills of the Henry Mountains.

$75.00 Per Person

South San Rafael Swell Tour

Viewing Temple Mountain, Old Uranium Mines, Hondo Circle, and Mckay Flats, Spectacular Scenery and in most cases you get to see the wild horses.

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