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Henry Mountain Bison Henry Mountain Utah hunting guide. Deer. Buffalo. Big Horn Sheep in Hanksville Henry Mountain Outfitters in Hanksville

​Mitch Engle

2019 Henry Mountain Management Buck

We are dedicated to finding you the biggest and the best. We believe everyone deserves to have an opportunity in this exhilarating sport. We love to see first time, women, and youth hunters. Being a family owned business, we believe it's not just about the trophy, but about having your loved ones be a part of your once in a lifetime experience. 

Mike Hoggatt

Rifle, San Rafael

Jordan Ekker

Muzzleloader, San Rafael

​​​​​"Because It's Once In A Lifetime"

Henry Mountain Outfitters specialize in the Once in a Lifetime Buffalo and Big Horn Sheep Hunts, and the Limited EntryBuck Deer Hunt on the infamous Henry Mountains.

We've also found the Pronghorn Antelope to be an exciting hunt, along with the San Rafael General SeasonBuck Deer hunt that is right out our back door producing amazing trophy bucks.

San Rafael 


Henry Mountain Muzzleloader

Buck Deer 

 Guy Dryer 


Chris Hoggatt 

Archery, San Rafael

Kaylee Wells

San Rafael 

1st Mule deer

got to share this experience with her 5 yr old son.

Henry Mountain Outfitters

Chris and Kathryn Hoggatt

Coby Hunt

 Big Horn Sheep 


Rifle, San Rafael

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Buffalo Red

Boon and Crocket

Henry Mountain Bull Bison

​Scoring 116.5

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